Create a database using hbm2ddl and Maven

I’ve already succeeded to create classes and mapping from tables of a DB, but creating a new one from the annotated classes themselves can be very useful for a freshly created project 🙂

As a Maven addicted, I’ve used the hibernate3-maven-plugin to generate such a DB (and this way, avoiding the Ant scripting …).

In the pom.xml of your project you will have to add the following configuration of the plugin :


The important point here, is the annotationconfiguration used. While using annotated classes, this has to be used for creating a new DB instead of a jdbcconfiguration for an existing one.The configuration file which refers to hibernate.cfg.xml is not necessary here because, by default, it refers to that file (it’s just easier for you to change something for a reason or an other ^^ ).

Choose your driver to access your DB and add it in the dependencies of the plugin (here MySQL 5.1.8).

Once all is configured, run a mvn hibernate3:hbm2ddl.