jBPM5 is coming

On jBPM website, we can find the features of the new release of the powerful webflow framework : jBPM 5. This one is planned for the end of 2010.

We can read that the first release will focus on the core of the various components. This refactoring of the API (setting sessions, loading process definitions, executing process instances, event listeners, …) will lead to extend the framework to more advanced features.

The key features of this release include:

  • Native BPMN2 execution
  • Highly configurable, embeddable, lightweight process engine using a generic process engine (PVM) underneath
  • Domain-specific processes and rule / event integration
  • Independent, human tasks service (using WS-HT)
  • Web tooling for things like BPMN2 process creation, deployment, management, reporting (with BIRT) and human tasks
  • Migration capabilities from jBPM 3 and 4 (jPDL 3, 4 to BPMN2)

More details on the jBPM 5 roadmap. This roadmap is not finalized yet, it is a proposal that might still be changed.


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